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August 19, 2022 2 min read


🎉 6 years! I cannot believe Brave storefront has been in operation for 6 YEARS!! We actually started from very humble beginnings about a year earlier! I mean humble! Pics in the backyard, pop-ups at the house, Full time job with a side gig! This collage of pictures brings me to tears. I mean…think about how much has changed in 6 years. Only Facebook posts with invoices. Started with pop up’s at friends houses! (Who came to those?) I cannot believe we are here!

As you can see it took a village…and still does! Without my friends and family, Brave would not be! We recruited every family member at some point and they all have been so so supportive! Through the years we have collaborated with amazing people and other Small businesses. (I see you!) We have had many fundraisers for some incredible causes. We have supported countless local organizations. We have supplied Christmas for many families that did not only bless those families but I wager to say we were more blessed! We have made some of the greatest friendships not to mention reacquainted with old friends. (Funny story some of my longest customers are old friends from high school I had lost touch with! How dang crazy is that?) We have had some of the most amazing and memorable parties (If you know you know!)🍾 Opened a second location.🤯Survived and pivoted in a pandemic.😷 Closed a location. We have made friendships that are priceless!👯‍♀️ We have employed an amazing group of people that have taught me so much about myself and my business.❤️ The amount of growth, friendships, mistakes, blessings…too many to list!

At Brave we strive to be different…in the best way possible. We aren’t perfect but we sure do love! We believe in Community over Competition! We know there is enough to go around! We are excited about what the future holds! We wake up everyday excited about what it brings! We work hard to play hard! Cheers🥂 to 6+ more! Happy Birthday Brave!🎂 You have my heart!!

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