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October 18, 2020 1 min read


What a ride! We reached 10k followers last week! May seem insignificant to some but it is a HUGE accomplishment! As is with any other Small business owner, I just feel lucky to still be here! We celebrated 4 years in business by closing a shop. We’ve lost entire teams more than once and we are still going strong! We are continually humbled by what we don’t know. We’ve learned when you get knocked down you just get back up stronger and wiser! We trust God knows best and He always shows up! Things happen that are not in our plans. We no longer get disappointed, we look forward to seeing Gods plan! So Freeing! I’m growing as a business owner and our teams keep getting better too! We try things that work and we try things that don’t. The key is we keep trying. There is no rest! There is only trial and error! We keep showing up! You keep showing up! You look for the perfect pair of jeans, the best gift for your BFF or yourself! To those who have hung in there with me since the know the struggle! You’ve seen me exhausted, you’ve seen the tears! You’ve put your money on us so we could pay our rent, pay our employees and find those perfect items for your special occasion!
Richie and I are 4ever humbled and Grateful for all your love and support!! Great things ahead! Only God knows! We appreciate and still get excited about every single purchase! We celebrate the new customers and new states we ship too! So thankful!

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