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We Love and miss y’all so so much!!!

April 13, 2020 1 min read

We Love and miss y’all so so much!!! This Covid thing has turned our world upside down! In every way! Where most of our interactions were face to face, they have now gone to the World Wide Web! It’s been an adjustment but these ladies have been amazing! We have all pulled together to perform different functions to keep the ball rolling! From website development to social media guru to packer to delivery driver...they are amazing!! We are doing everything we can to keep the wheels on the bus to see us through this crazy crisis! It’s been a great blessing to have the distraction of Brave Boutique to keep us all sane! Luckily we have plenty of room between 2 shops and a warehouse to keep our social distance but still laugh together and stay in community! These ladies are amazing and Brave wouldn’t be Brave without them! Thank you to all of you that have continued to shop with us and support our business! We love and miss you so much!! We’re ready for a NEW Normal!
*hint There is one that doesn’t look like the others! 😉 He’s a big part of Brave! 💗
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