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May 14, 2022 1 min read

This was my day…
(Completely unfiltered thanks to Instagram in Texas 😂)After a few months of crazy I took a day to be quiet. In all honesty I am a very selfish person. I think I can do everything and I’m always in control. All the while I know in my core I cannot and I am not. It’s been my greatest human struggle. These last 2 months have shown me what’s important and what I can and cannot control.

I have a real struggle in knowing the difference in self care and selfishness. The enemy does a job on me everyday. Today I needed a quiet alone day and God made that happen. It was nice to think of all the things and also nothing at all. Just me and my pool and music. Sometimes my dog and laundry 😂 This is truly my heaven on earth. I feel like I am surrounded by Gods beauty! The sky, sun, grass, flowers, birds. My soul needs days like this. Even though I felt selfish I also felt blessed. Sometimes we need days like this right?

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