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March 13, 2022 2 min read

This is tired. I’m tired.
I’m in a weird place in life. I’m a grandmother, granddaughter, a mom, a business owner, a boss, a wife, a friend, a servant. Life gets hard sometimes. I sometimes find myself in an inner struggle to work hard and rest. Today I’m exhausted. I’ve definitely spread myself too thin and I can feel my body telling me I must rest.

What I have come to notice is that even when I have time to rest and I plan to rest, my mind cannot. Or I start thinking of all the things I SHOULD be working on. While that is just the reality of my life right now, I have learned to accept all the tugs and look at them as gifts. One day I won’t be a granddaughter. One day I won’t be a business owner or boss. One day I won’t be needed by my grandchildren. I chose to see the blessings in the chaos. The full schedule, no rest and strained friendships because I have this crazy life is just where I’m at. At this moment in time I will chose to look for the blessings as God tells me which way to go, Who to say yes to and where to say no. Today I pray for peace in the chaos. To even appreciate being needed because there will be a day I will no longer be needed. I’m grateful for these days because they could be gone in a flash! We are but dust. I am trying so hard to live each day with more intention on the things that matter most. #workinprogress

What does a day of rest look like for you?

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