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November 28, 2021 1 min read

The face of a delirious girl!🤪

When asked about my Boutique story I always start with “this wasn’t my plan”! I guess that’s not altogether true. I always had a desire to own my own business. Unfortunately (or fortunately) it took me a while and a few tries to figure out exactly what that business would be. Thanks to God and a little patience, Brave became the dream come true. While that was the dream I can actually say I never dreamed this!!

I never dreamed of how HARD and how FULFILLING all at the same time it would be. 🤯 I never dreamed of the amazing people I would get to know and serve! I never dreamed of how much I could push myself to learn more and do more! So much I never dreamed but God knew! He still knows! I am so thankful He trusts me to carry this out! I am also so thankful that YOU trust me!

You are more than customers to us! You are friends and family! 🥰 You show up! You support! You trust! I couldn’t be more thankful!! Cheers 🥂 to more Holiday season! Thank you for your amazing support! 🙏🏻

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