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My New Monday hat!

November 12, 2019 2 min read


“Not Sorry” in a good way!! Goes along with “Girl, stop apologizing!” I am the Queen of apologies! For real! If I’m on time but you beat me, I apologize. If I cooked you dinner and it wasn’t warm enough when you ate it, I apologize. A lot of it has to do with my perfectionist personality. Some of it has to do with being raised in the South. Yes Ma’am, No Ma’am, you have a stomach ache...”I’m sorry”. You don’t floss and I clean your teeth and it’s not comfortable...”I’m sorry” Haha! When a stranger asks me what I do I say “I just own a Boutique”. When people ask if my dog is a golden doodle I say “Nope, Just a poodle. I try to minimize everything! 🤷‍♀️ Like I’m apologizing!

So I went to this amazing 3 day thing put on by this amazing lady (Mrs Rachel Hollis) and in my face I acknowledged. I’m not perfect!! WHAT?!? And you know what?!? That’s ok!! 😃 I never have been but just always thought I needed to be! I’m on this earth still to Learn More ♥️ Grow More ♥️ Give More ♥️ Love More ♥️ Do More ♥️ Change More ♥️Empower More ♥️ Help More ♥️Inspire More ♥️ Lead More. The list could just keep going on! I can’t apologize for wanting More! More is what we should want!! More for our health! Our lives! Our families! Our future!! So I’m “Not Sorry” for wanting MORE!

I am so pumped!! Y’all are for sure going to see a new Kendra!! New and IMPROVED Kendra! In my health, in my relationships, in my business, in the way I spend my time!! You see, I haven’t been the Best at any of it! My heart is so full and I’m on cloud 9! Won’t be coming down anytime soon and I promise that to myself, my family and my team that this Kendra will be staying and improving daily!! Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to get away!! One blessed girl right here!! It’s ALL perspective! How are you looking at your life? Do you need a Restart like I did? Follow along with me on my journey if you would like! Join in! I welcome you!! All the Love in the world!! 💞

~ Kendra

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