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September 26, 2021 1 min read

Here I sit (completely unfiltered and no makeup) I’m contemplating life. Just enjoying this beautiful amazing Texas weather (if you know you know)! What’s important. What’s not important. Appreciating the journey. The ups. The downs. Understanding that the downs are the moments we are learning and the ups are the fruit of the learning…but the downs are coming because the learning never ends. If I’ve learned anything in this life journey, it is that if you’re in a valley that only means a mountain is coming and if your on a mountain…we’ll you know!! 😂 Enjoy that mountain because your learning valley will be here soon! Don’t get comfortable on that mountain. Remember the valley is where you grow. I love growing! And with Gods help I will grow into what He has made me to be. There is no comfort zone. If you’re there…get out! Push yourself! It’s worth it! Even if you fail! Even WHEN you fail!! It’s worth it for the growth!! We are here to grow! Not to be comfortable! Each year I learn a little more! Thankful for the Mountains,the Valleys and the discomfort! I love growing more than I love comfort. He’s always doing a good work in me! That’s exciting!!
All this to say…get uncomfortable!! Whether it’s in physical activity, emotional growth, in your career, etc. If there is a tug…explore it! Dare to DREAM! Dare to Explore! Dare to act on that Dream! You never know until you try and the worst that can happen is…You Grow!! Go Grow! 🥰

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