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March 29, 2021 1 min read

Dear God, thank you so much for the opportunities you have laid before me these past 5 years. Thank you for all the lessons learned on all the curve balls of when I thought I had it figured out. Thank you for constantly molding me into who I am today. Thank you that you are not finished and you will never leave my side. Thank you for always going before me and preparing the way. Thank you also for always having my back and taking care of the things I haven’t figured out.

I have been extremely blessed and humbled to be in this space of engagement and relationships and I can only pray that I will continue to grow and learn as we embark on the years to come. As I approach the completion of the 5th year in this amazing business of building up the women around me, all I can feel is gratitude! I’m forever grateful for the blessing of it all!! I will continue to look at roadblocks and adversity as opportunities to grow and learn! I pray that I can always be a learner because I know there is much to learn!!

Thank you for reading this far and Thank you for your support! We will be celebrating soon!!
~ with Love always

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