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July 19, 2020 2 min read

We all want them! Those relationships, you know...The ones who you just click with instantly. Now I’m not talking about the “friends” that you hang out with in a group. I’m talking about the ones that in a one on one setting you could spend hours with! And even that’s not enough! The girlfriend that if you don’t get that time you feel a hole in you heart. The friends that you can be FULLY known by and still be loved! The ones that hold you up when you can’t do it yourself. The ones that could finish your sentence. The ones that can tell you how crazy you are for thinking that way. Who can line you out when needed all in Love! Who cheer for you when you have successes and morn with you when you hurt. Who don’t judge your bad choices but pray and encourage through them. Those friends! They are priceless and actually truly hard to come by.

When I was a young mom I truly felt I didn’t have the time to cultivate those kinds of friendships. I felt overwhelmed by my responsibilities as a working mom and wife. Now at my age I’m paying the price. Every opportunity I get I tell a young wife and mom to make time for those relationships! They are so so invaluable and important! If you’re like me you could assume “they don’t need anymore friends” or “they may not like me if they truly knew me”. That’s the devil! He wants you to be alone. He doesn’t want closeness for you. That’s not Gods way. He intends community! Nonjudgmental, encouraging, loving community of woman holding each other up! I pray this for you! Find your tribe and love them well and often! Don’t take those relationships for granted! They are priceless!! Not perfect...but priceless!

💗If you made it this far (kudos to you!) tag your bestie (or besties) in the comments below for a Sweet Gift from Brave!! Happy Sunday my friends!

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