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Enjoy The Roses!

December 09, 2019 1 min read

My Monday’s! ♥️ As a small business owner it is extremely hard to slow down my brain! 8 months ago I was blessed with this sweet grand baby! When I am with her I commit to turning everything off and living in the moment!

We even took a nap together today and I loved every minute of it. These moments are priceless and they are days I will never get back so I chose to stop and smell the roses when it is most difficult to. You are good for me Addi Blake and I love you with my whole heart!! Make sure you are living intentionally! Work hard when you need to and enjoy the sweet pleasures of life when you can! They don’t last forever in this ever changing world! I mean what’s all this hard work for any way? To enjoy the roses! ♥️ @ League City, Texas


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