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January 24, 2022 1 min read

🥂 Cheers to no Alcohol...

Do you do Dry January? I never have but this year I felt it was needed. But…we had vacation scheduled in January so I opted to do a Dry February and The Hubs is joining me! If I’m being completely transparent it became my evening coffee. My glass (or glasses) of wine. Being an empty nester with a ton of stress/hard work if felt like a reward. Over time it’s felt like an unnecessary escape. My body doesn’t like it as much as my mouth does Lol! So I’m doing it for my health! My physical and mental health! So cheers to Dry February that will start today!! I’m committed and partially telling you so you can be my accountability partner! 😂 It’s going to be hard but here we go! Wanna join me??? Who’s in?

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