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November 26, 2022 2 min read

A little about me…Kendra, the owner and crazy dreamer of Brave Boutique. I had a very comfortable career as a dental hygienist and because I wanted to make more of an impact on the world I decided to follow a dream of owning my own business (Be Brave) I loved clothes and Jesus and I thought maybe I could help other ladies feel great in beautiful fashion while also loving them with a servants heart. I had no idea to what impact that would be. Today because you shop at Brave I get to serve so many beautiful woman. I get to serve the beautiful ladies that work at Brave. I get to donate to organizations that need help for over 6 years now! It’s so much more than a dream at this point. It’s a blessing.

While some days knock me down to the ground, other days lift me up and fill my soul. I have grown so much in this business. God has taught me how to appreciate the downs as much as the ups. To see the mountains in the valleys. There is no rest in being your own boss. Everything falls on your shoulders. That’s a heavy weight but daily God is showing me how to give it to him. I have the best team around and could never do this without them! Today is a day of celebration for the people that get out of their comfort zone and financial security and try a crazy idea. When shopping with Brave you do so much more than you could ever think. So thank you from a total introvert pushed out of her comfort zone. Growing is painful but also so rewarding!

I know it’s easy to forget what a difference you make in your community when choosing where you spend your money. Please don’t forget to support those you want to stay around. 🥰

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